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Interim Management
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The traditional “one-size–fits-all” supply chain can no longer
accommodate the varied customer needs. The supply chain should be
differentiated according the specific characteristics of the business,
which may vary by product, channel and geography.

In order to evaluate if the supply chain of your company is still adequate
you can ask yourself:

  • Are my customers delivered as fast as possible or can lead times be improved?
  • Can I provide my customer with a reliable delivery date or do I lack visibility of the production planning?
  • Is my transport network well optimized or can I reduce fuel costs?
  • Is my supply chain as "green" as my customer demands or can I achieve a CO2 reduction?
  • Do I have the right ERP system? Is my WMS system still sufficient?
  • Are the processes of my warehouse cost effective and efficient?
  • Are my production plants well positioned? Should they move to China or to the Ukraine?
  • Are my products available during high season and promotions?
  • Is my inventory at the right level or can we reduce stock?

HS-Logistics supports in the continuous process of supply chain optimization, either by consultancy or by interim management.
You are the specialist in your product, your customers and your company. We are the specialist in logistics process design, project management and change management.
Together we can evaluate the opportunities to optimize your supply chain.